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for Business in the Rewey, Belmont, Cobb, Highland, and Linden Area

Need Linux Support now?

Have an immediate need? Have a question? Give us a call anytime at (608) 729-4353 or (800) 737-0661 and we will be happy to discuss how we can help. NextPhase works both on-site and remotely with businesses in Rewey, Belmont, Cobb, Highland, and Linden, in Wisconsin and Illinois, and across the Midwest.

Considering Linux

Rewey, WI area businesses choose Linux for many reasons. It's free, it's secure, it's stable, and it's fast.

It's also not the right fit for every problem. When we work with Rewey, WI area businesses, our first step is to sort out the benefits and costs of a Linux solution versus other proprietary and closed source options.

If Linux makes sense, we work with you from beginning to end to design, implement, and test your Linux solution. And we are there going forward to help you maintain and update your Linux solution as your business needs change.

Using Linux?

Already using Linux in your Business? You're not alone - many Rewey, WI area businesses are already using Linux for business critical tasks.

NextPhase offers remote access and on-site support services for Linux desktops, servers, and network equipment in the Rewey, WI area. We also offer preventative maintenance services which help flush out problems before downtime occurs.

As your business needs change, we work with you to update and upgrade your Linux systems to meet your needs going forward - whether that means adding more capacity or improving reliability and uptime.

NextPhase also helps Rewey, Belmont, Cobb, Highland, and Linden businesses with...


Apache is a web server used by Rewey, WI businesses


Asterisk is a VoIP phone system software used by Rewey, WI businesses


CentOS is a popular Linux Distribution used by Rewey, WI businesses


Debian is another widely used Linux Distribution by Rewey, WI businesses


Dovecot is a POP and IMAP e-mail server used by Rewey, WI businesses


Iptables is used to build firewalls and secure servers used by Rewey, WI businesses

Linux Admin

Linux Admin services help Rewey, WI businesses secure and maintain their Linux servers.


MySQL is a database system used by Rewey, WI businesses


OpenVPN is a popular open source VPN server and client system used by Rewey, WI businesses


PHP is a web programming language used by Rewey, WI businesses


Perl is a programming and scripting language used by Rewey, WI businesses


Postfix is a SMTP e-mail server used by Rewey, WI businesses


PostgreSQL is a popular and powerful open source database system used by Rewey, WI businesses


RedHat is a widely used Linux distribution which is used by Rewey, WI businesses


Samba is a file sharing software used by Rewey, WI businesses to implement Windows file sharing on Linux


Squid is a proxy server used by Rewey, WI businesses to filter, log, and accelerate web traffic


Ubuntu is a modern and widely used Linux distribution by Rewey, WI businesses

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